Dubbo Project (DP) Careers


The Dubbo Project will be the first zirconium, niobium and rare earth mine and mineral processing facility in Australia.

Alkane will employ over 240 people to staff the mining and processing operations at the Dubbo Project. Unlike the majority of mining projects around Australia the Dubbo Project will employ approximately ten people in mining related roles and the rest in mineral processing and other project supporting roles. The mine is a very small part of the overall project with the focus on the downstream value add in the separation and processing of mineral products.

Production operations are expected to commence early 2018.

There is a wide range of long-term career options on offer. Download a copy of the Dubbo Project Careers Poster and Career Pathway sheets to show you:

  • what sort of jobs we’ll be offering
  • what sort of skills you’ll need in order to be eligible
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Career pathway sheets

Need more information?

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