Sustainability statement

Alkane strives to deliver leading-practice environmental and social performance in all that we do. We are keen to assist regional communities to flourish and become more resilient, and to provide a safe and rewarding working environment for employees. We are committed to safe environmental practices and to the delivery of biodiversity improvement at all our mining and exploration sites. Our aim is to leave a positive legacy for local communities and the land alike that long outlasts the life of our activities in the region.

Environmental management

Alkane seeks to minimise our environmental footprint at all our mining and exploration sites – for the total lifetime of those sites. We work hard to protect the wide variety of native species that live in our mining areas, and we design and adapt our operations to best meet these needs.

Our aim is to leave our mining sites as stable functioning ecosystems despite the inevitable change in land form. Before any soil is turned, we create biodiversity offsets (such as the restoration and planting of new native habitats for animal species) and carefully plan progressive rehabilitation, monitoring and management actions. Once the mining process is over, mine infrastructure is removed and the final landform is rehabilitated to be left in a long-term stable condition.

We’re proud of our environmental record

Conservation of the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard – Over the past 15 years, Alkane has committed significant energy and resources to developing a management plan for the relocation and long-term benefit of the vulnerable species known as the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard (PTWL), living on the orebody of our Dubbo Project.  We will have the privilege of managing and conserving the largest known PTWL population in NSW. MORE

Tailoring operations for reduced environmental impact – Early identification of the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard and research into its habit and behaviour has enabled Alkane to re-design the mine operations schedule to accommodate the passive translocation of the reptile over a 10-year period. We have also redesigned the evaporation plant to promote water recycling, halve water consumption and significantly reduce site footprint.

NSW Mining 2015 Health, Safety, Environment & Community Awards – Alkane’s environmental management approach, in particular our work with the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard, led to us winning two awards in 2015: ‘Environment and Community Leadership’ (Mike Sutherland, Alkane’s General Manager NSW), and ‘Environmental Excellence’ (Conservation of the Pink-Tailed Worm-Lizard).

Rehabilitation of Peak Hill Gold Mine – Since mining operations ceased in 2005, Alkane has exerted considerable effort to rehabilitate the landforms across the site. As the result of our regeneration efforts, several bird and mammal species have been established, including two species of wallaby. The endangered White-wing Chough has also been spotted in the River Red Gums Alkane planted in the early stages of the project.MORE

New native woodland at Tomingley Gold Operations – At our Tomingley Gold Operations, Alkane harvested the seeds from native grey box (eucalyptus) trees and used them to directly seed 35 hectares of native woodland.  A further 6000 tree and shrub seedlings have since been planted at the site.

Spawning new fish habitats in the Macquarie River – Alkane participated in a community project, led by Dubbo Macquarie River Bushcare, to help reinstate woody ‘snags’ (essential habitats and spawning sites for native fish) into the Macquarie River between Wellington and Narromine.  Over a hundred cleared grey box trees from Tomingley Gold Operations were relocated to be partially submerged in the river.  This re-snagging project is encouraging a natural increase in native fish species.  NSW Fisheries identified fish using the new snags within months of their installation.

Toongi Pastoral Company

Toongi Pastoral Company Pty Ltd (TPC) was established in 2016 to manage Alkane’s freehold and leasehold land and property assets surrounding the Dubbo Project (DP) – including 1,021Ha of designated biodiversity offset areas. In addition, 1,995Ha of agricultural land will be operated as an independent profitable mixed farming enterprise using best-practice sustainable farming technologies. MORE

Alkane in the community

Alkane is an active and engaged member of the communities in which we operate. Our employees live locally and participate in local community activities. As a company, our goal is to support the development of more resilient regional communities through the establishment of permanent infrastructure, the provision of training and career opportunities to local residents, and the creation of local economic opportunities (for service providers). MORE