April 14

Alkane set for an incredible year

April 10

Investor Intel: The hafnium truth about keeping nuclear energy cool

March 03


Streetwise: Alkane is in a position to benefit from hafnium demand rise

February 22


Mining Journal: Alkane set for a defining year

February 07


Alkane Resources Named in 2017 OTCQX Best 50 Media Release 

February 06


Alkane Resources Named in 2017 OTCQX Best 50





December 21


Investor Intelligence Report: Trump the market Gatsby?

November 24

Alkane Resources final planning hurdle to create full commercial rare earth mine

September 14

August 27

Ian Chalmers on the Minchem zirconium deal and Alkane’s full spectrum of rare earths

Dubbo Weekender: Long term vision for Toongi

August 8

Streetwise Report: China’s strangehold on REE’s offer opportunities

July 19

Investor Intel: Research on profitable gold mine price targets a 286% gain

July 4

Investor Intel: Alkane at the right gold place at the right time

June 2


Investor Intel: Alkane details how Dubbo project will become a substantial cash generator

May 4


Australian Investor: ALK moves the $1bn Zirconia Project forward and expects gold production upturn at Tomingley

February 16


InvestorIntel: Alkane Resources scores a big hit capital generator with gold

January 31


InvestorIntel: Technology Metals Monthly: A significant fundermental shift at play in rare earths?



December 23

InvestorIntel: Professor Kingsnorth on the State of the Global Rare Earth Market

September 1


Win Win for Alkane in NSW Mining Environmental and Community Awards

August 23

InvestorIntel: Alkane Resources' Ian Chalmers on becoming the global rare earth market cap leader

June 25


Mining Journal - Alkane formula proves durable

June 2


The Gold Report: ALK hosts world's most interesting specialty metals mine

April 9


Alkane's Dubbo Zirconia Project Is A Company Maker

March 3

Gareth Hatch: New REE Export Rules Inside China Level the International Playing Field

February 16


Alkane Fires On Gold Revenue And Zirconia/Rare Earth Promise

February 12


PAC Review a good sign for the billion dollar Dubbo Mining Project

February 11


Dubbo Zirconia Project - Progress in the approvals process



November 27

Alkane ready to seek government approval amid growing rare earth market optimism

November 11


Alkane Resources is using gold production from Tomingley as a stepping stone to a much bigger prize at Dubbo

October 23


Media Release - Fact Sheet - Dubbo Zirconia Project (DZP) Toongi

September 24

The Gold Report: Richard Kahn's advice for avoiding the walking dead

September 11


Australia Zirconia Ltd invited to apply for a NSW uranium exploration licence

September 9

Jack Lifton one-on-one with Ian Chalmers of Alkane Resources

August 25

Alkane Resources advances development of $1Billion zirconia project

August 14

Lifton reviews Professor Dudley Kingsnorth's "The Rare Earths Industry: Marking Time"

August 14

Alkane - With the stamp of approval from Fidelity

July 15

The Gold Report: Tom Hayes' Trio of rare earth project contenders


June 5


Australian Resources and Investment: Alkane's Rare Potential


April 23

Night of the Living Dead Miners: Rare Earth 'Zombies' Attack the ASX and TSX


March 6


Alkane Resources has a golden recipe for success in the rare earths


February 4


NSW Minister for Resources and Energy Tours Hi-Tech Minerals Facility

January 15

Steel spurt to lift demand for critical metal niobium


December 16

InvestorIntel: Alkane Resources'Plant 95% built and ready to gold produce in 2 months

November 28


InvestorIntel - Alkane’s rare earth and gold projects moving across strategic finishing lines

November 20


The Mining Report - Richard Karn Interview: Three Australian miners positioned for success

September 16

Ellis Martin Report Interview

September 12

InvestorIntel: The current state of the rare earth market, zirconium, niobium, tantalum

September 4

InvestorIntel: Alkane Resources Dubbo Project

September 3


Proactive Investor: Alkane Resources expands hunt for McPhillamys style gold deposits in NSW

August 29

pdf-icon Alkane Moves Closer To Finalising The Jigsaw Puzzle At Its Dubbo Zirconia Project

July 17


Proactive Investor: Alkane Resources forms ferro-niobium production alliance with Treibacher Industrie AG

July 15


The Gold Report: Stephan Bogner Interview

July 9


Metals Report: Jack Lifton Interview

July 9

Resources Rising: Alkane Moves Ahead In Rare Earth Metals

June 18

The Gold Report: Seven Australian Companies to Survive a Metals Market Correction

June 17

Pro Edge Wire: Alkane’s Chalmers sees positive REE market signs

June 17

Ellis Martin Report Interview

May 29

pdf-icon Alkane Resources Looks Set To Benefit From Falling Costs In The Australian Mining Sector

April 10

Pro Edge Wire: Alkane releases robust result for Dubbo project; Shares jump

March 11

Ellis Martin Report Interview

February 25

Alkane features in Resource Investing News

February 11


NSW Government grants Tomingley mining lease

February 07


Pro Edge Wire: Alkane Resources emerges as a winner in the Japan-China Dispute

January 28

pdf-icon Alkane Could Be In Production From Tomingley By The End Of The Year, With Dubbo Following On In 2015

January 26


Japan Times: Investing in a rare opportunity